More Direct Rendering Updates

Well, since my last post there has been a LOT of changes going on in the Ecore_Drm library. We now have the ability to use the drm card without need for systemd (haters rejoice). I’ve also ported the input code inside our Ecore_Drm library to make use of libinput now. This greatly simplifies the input code and makes things much easier. I’ve also added support for Touchscreens now.

Also getting some attention was the eldbus library. I’ve added some new API functions which were necessary to work with the new non-systemd drm code, and the new libinput code.

In other news, there was a hotfix which was backported to the 1.12.2 branch which fixed an issue with rendering Elementary applications in a wayland compositor if the ELM_PROFILE was set to mobile.