Daily WTF

It’s been a couple months, but various things have been happening. Here’s a quick Wayland compositing status update:

Things that work:

  • DRM rendering
  • Running apps
  • Standard E UI stuff (gadgets/shelves/menus/etc)
  • Keybinds
  • Window states

Things that probably work:

  • Mouse bindings?
  • Resizing non-EFL apps?
  • I can’t think of any other things?

Things that don’t work (as of posting):

  • Resizing EFL apps
    • Needs EFL repo changes slated for next week
  • DnD
    • Not sure when we’ll get to this; not a priority
  • Input grabs
    • Components such as ‘everything launcher’ won’t receive keyboard focus until this gets fixed, not a huge amount of work
  • Multi monitor configuration
  • Running in 32bit

As of today’s git, I would say that it’s reasonably “safe” to try running E as a standalone Wayland compositor as long as you don’t try to resize any EFL applications until next week.


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