Direct Rendering Updates

Back again with some more news. Recently we have been working hard toward getting Enlightenment to run as a Wayland-only Desktop Environment. I am happy to report that those efforts are starting to bear some real fruit ! 🙂 Toward that end, we have been working hard on getting the Ecore_Drm library completed and have added many new additions to the library lately. We now have output hotplugging support, along with a new Evas GL engine which can render using OpenGL ES on DRM (Direct Rendering Manager). In other news, the reworked wayland compositor inside Enlightenment has seen many improvements over the past few weeks (although these improvements are not upstreamed yet). The issues with resizing and closing dialogs has now been sorted out, along with other various show-stopper issues. Look for this code to land soon, which will mean we should be able to have a working (as in actually usable) wayland-only desktop shortly.