Gonna Find The Sun

During a blistering 2-day trip to Brussels, many things were accomplished. None of these things included sleep, but many of them included waffles.

In the course of impersonating a professional lumberjack at the Enlightenment booth on K.1 at FOSDEM, I managed to record a number of videos which include new features that I’ve been working on:

Toolbar startup notifications:

Toolbar auto-pong:


Regrettably, while at FOSDEM I was unable to complete the feature which I’d spent roughly three hours lying to Andy Williams about, and thus I was unable to demo it while at the booth.

Toolbar wizard:


I’ve created some polls today to solicit data regarding usage of existing shelf configurations. Please vote!








As a final bonus, here’s a photo of Enlightenment’s hardware overlay support from FOSDEM:


One thought on “Gonna Find The Sun

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